Cani-Plus Product News

13700-1030 20ml cani-plus freeze

Minitube International has gotten many inquires in the past about the volume of the Cani-Plus Freeze, Enhance, and Chill. Currently they are available in a 30 ml concentrate, however, they are now going to start being made in 20 ml bottles and have a new look as pictured above. After our supplies here are gone, all shipments will be in 20 ml bottles, please call our office with any questions that you have!

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Canine Spotlight: Shunt System for Endoscope

17500/0070 TCI Shunt 2014

This Minitube International product is used with an endoscope system for canine insemination. It includes the following components:

1 Metal Shunt

1 Canine TC Cannula 55mm

1 Canine TC Cannula 105mm

5 O-Rings

1 50ml Syringe

This system is available at Reproduction Provisions for $450.00, please call us with any questions that you have about this product! 877-487-4872

Reproduction Provisions

Canine Spotlight: Cat and Dog Electro-Ejaculator Probes

11900-0509N Probe for Dogs and Cats, Electro-Ejaculator Sonde für Elektroejakulator e32

Last week we highlighted the electro-ejaculator system for cattle. However, cats and dogs can also be collected via electro-ejaculation. There are two probe options available for cats and dogs: 1/2″ and 3/8″ diameter probes. There is a slight lead time on these products as they come in from Minitube International Germany.

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Canine Spotlight: CaniPlus Enhance

13700-0031N Cani-Plus Enhance

Cani-Plus Enhance Medium for Canine AI is a 30ml concentrate. It can be added to fresh, frozen, or chilled semen proir to insemination, especially when semen quality is poor. Contains sperm enhancing ingredients that helps improve breeding performance. Available at Reproduction Provisions for $40.85 each!

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Canine Spotlight: Cani-Plus Freeze Semen Extender

13700-1030N Cani-Plus Freeze

A Minitube one step canine semen freezing culture medium. Uniquely formulated to maintain optimum post thaw motility. This extender contains gycerol as a freezing protectant and egg yolk is added by the user. Please call us with any questions you have, 877-487-4872.

Merry Christmas!

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Canine Spotlight: Canine Vaginal Insemination Catheter

17500-0032 CVI small

Canine vaginal insemination catheters are a product of Minitube. They come in small, medium and large balloon sizes. Small and medium are CH18 and Large is CH36. 4.75″, 9.75″, and 15.75″ and each are individually wrapped and sterilized for a one time use. Comes with a 5ml or 10ml syringe. Call us with questions!

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