Small Ruminant Spotlight: Survive-D Supplement

99-8401 Survive-D Deer Supplement 8oz.

This week, we look at our Survive-D supplement that is a vitamin E and electrolyte supplement that is suitable for newborn fawns and weak, off-feed animals. This supplement can also be used on other species such as horses and cattle. See our featured items this month for the promotion on this item!

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Small Ruminant Spotlight: 7mm Trocar

Trocars are available at Reproduction Provisions for the laproscopic insemination of small ruminants. Our trocars come in from Minitube Germany and come in different sizes, we currently have (2) 7mm trocars in stock, other sizes will have a 4-5 week lead time. All come complete with sheath and valve. Call today to place your order or on our website

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Small Ruminant Spotlight: Andromed Semen Extender

Verdünner Rind 2012

Reproduction Provisions is a supplier of all Minitube International semen extenders, including AndroMed. It is available in a one and two step that meets CSS protocols as well as a one step with antibiotics. Each concentrate makes 1000ml of extender, please contact us with any questions that you have! 877-487-4872 or

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Small Ruminant Spotlight: Robertson Pipettes

23700-2200N Robertson Standard Pipette

Robertson pipettes are a product of Minitube International and are used for laproscopic insemination. Two sizes are available; the standard size and “donor ewe”. Donor ewe has the longer needle to get through the thicker uteran horn. Each size sells for $9.70 but mention this post and recieve $9.20!

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Small Ruminant Spotlight: Speculum with LED Light

46-7400 Speculum clear plastic with light large

There are many speculum options available at Reproduction Provisions for small ruminants. The above speculum is available with or without an inner tube to stabilize the LED light. Also comes in a small or large diameter in 8″ length. Light is battery-powered, therefore there is no cable to fumble with. Call us with any questions or to place an order for the speculum that best fits your needs!

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Small Ruminant Spotlight: Lapro-Pex Sheath

46-4320 Lapro Pex Sheath 12inch with 20ga needle indiv. wrap each

The lapro-pex sheath is an apex style sheath with a 20 gauge needle welded to the tip. This style allows laproscopic inseminations with the use of standard semen straws and stainless A.I. guns. Sold individually in 12″ or 18″ length, please call us with any questions you have!

Merry Christmas!

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