Reproduction Provisions not only offers quality breeding supplies and equipment, but we also offer an auditing system tailored specifically to your operation. The flyer below explains the process we use to go through an operation and assess any quality control issues, production problems, or lab assistance. Please take a look and feel free to contact John Quackenbush for more details or to plan a visit. Reproduction Provisions wants to help your operation become the best it can be!

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Our new feed supplement Boar Boost is specifically formulated to help boars with poor reproductive performance. It produces better quality sperm output and supports sperm cell membrane. Boar Boost is meant to be fed 1/2lb per head per day until desired results are achieved and eased down to 1/3lb per head per day.

If you are looking to to get optimum performance out of your boars, this is the supplement you have been looking for! Call our office today with questions or to place an order!      877-487-4872

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A Minitube Germany product, this semen collection bag has a filter built into it with a peel-off seal for ease of use. These bags are sold by the 100 pack and are available now for $49.00 per pack. Please call us at 877-487-4872 or email us at info@reproductionprovisions.com to get more information and a product manual!


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Equine Spotlight: Detergent, 30 gram Alternative to Equex STM

13560-0030 30g detergent

This Minitube Germany product is an alternative component for freezing media in stallion semen that comes in a 30 gram bottle and is also available for porcine semen. Reproduction Provisions sells this product for $24.00 each, please let us know if you are interested in purchasing today! Call our office or email to our new email address info@reproductionprovisions.com.


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Reproduction Provisions has created new pricing for our boar semen extenders! The pricing has taken effect on the long term and mid term extenders, new pricing is as follows:

Mid Term Extender

MIII: 1 Liter – $3.25

MIII: 3 Liter – $10.50

MIII: 83 Liter – $161.25

Long Term Extender-AndroStar

AndroStar: 1 Liter – $4.50

AndroStar: 3 Liter – $10.75

AndroStar: 100 Liter – $265.00

Long Term Extender-AndroHep

AndroHep: 1 Liter – $5.60

AndroHep: 3 Liter – $13.25

AndroHep: 100 Litter – $295.00

Please call our office with any questions about our extenders or to place an order! 877-487-4872

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Swine Spotlight: Bulk Semen Dispensing w/ IUI Rods

16-1649 Dispensing bag spout 20 per packSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Hello Everyone!

There has been a lot of buzz lately about bulk semen dispensing options. At the moment, Reproduction Provisions offers a bulk dispensing bag (1 gallon) with spout and tubing to attach to the IUI rod. Dispensing bags come in packs of 20 for $26.95 and spouts for $5.60. IUI rods come in a pack of 25 for $9.50, call today with questions or to place an order!

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Swine Spotlight: Perforated Collection Bag and Round Filter


This week we are highlighting a possible collection combination with our products. We have a 9×28″ bag available that is perforated in packs of 100. We can also sell you a round semen filter available in packs of 200 and both to be secured together with a band. Pair them both with Minitube International 1L collection vessel. Call our office and order today!

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