Minitube Germany Swine Extenders Exceed Expectations!

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Minitube Germany boar semen extenders are among the best in the world. We take pride in quality ingredients, solid research, and a strong background of reproductive technology. Pictured below is the reasons Minitube Germany extenders are of superb quality, on the cutting edge of research, and a little insight on what goes into making sure that the extenders are manufactured under specific protocols.  


Why are Minitube extenders safer-1

Why are Minitube extenders safer-2Please take a look at this link that takes you through the manufacturing facility in Germany!


If you have any questions about our extenders, please feel free to give John Quackenbush a call at the office at 877-487-4872 and he will give you a personalized quote on extender for your operation, we are always here to help! Talk with you soon! 


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Reproduction Provisions has created new pricing for our boar semen extenders! The pricing has taken effect on the long term and mid term extenders, new pricing is as follows:

Mid Term Extender

MIII: 1 Liter – $3.25

MIII: 3 Liter – $10.50

MIII: 83 Liter – $161.25

Long Term Extender-AndroStar

AndroStar: 1 Liter – $4.50

AndroStar: 3 Liter – $10.75

AndroStar: 100 Liter – $265.00

Long Term Extender-AndroHep

AndroHep: 1 Liter – $5.60

AndroHep: 3 Liter – $13.25

AndroHep: 100 Litter – $295.00

Please call our office with any questions about our extenders or to place an order! 877-487-4872

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Hello Everyone!

This week I asked John to prepare something about World Pork Expo coming up in a couple weeks. This year marks a special one for us here at Reproduction Provisions, please read the highlights below about what is sure to be a GREAT 2015 World Pork Expo!

Reproduction Provisions


With only 2 weeks left before World Pork Expo, the staff at Reproduction Provisions has been busy getting our preparations finalized for “the event” we all look forward to every year.  WPX is a time for us to visit with our current customers and our potential customers about the past year, what we have for new innovative products and the future together.

This year is a little different for Reproduction Provisions.  It marks 2 years that we have been the exclusive distributor in the US and Canada for Minitube International.  Along with that, Minitube International has a milestone.  WPX 2015 is the 20th anniversary of the unveiling of the MiniBSP semen packaging machine.

Over the past 20 years, Minitube has made some improvements to the MiniBSP with computer programs, ultrasound sealing, labeling and pressure chambers, but they have stayed true to a machine that allowed boar studs to be efficient in their everyday packaging.  Any of us that have worked with a MiniBSP knows that it is a machine that can be counted on to run our production for many years.

Our booth this year will have the 2015 version of the MiniBSP on display as well as a tribute to the first machine displayed in 1995.  So, stop by booth V524 to see what today’s machine looks like compared to the 1995 version, you won’t be disappointed.  See you at World Pork Expo June 3-5, 2015.

Small Ruminant Spotlight: Survive-D Supplement

99-8401 Survive-D Deer Supplement 8oz.

This week, we look at our Survive-D supplement that is a vitamin E and electrolyte supplement that is suitable for newborn fawns and weak, off-feed animals. This supplement can also be used on other species such as horses and cattle. See our featured items this month for the promotion on this item!

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April and May Specials

Hello Everyone!

I have updated our featured items on our web site for the end of the month and the entire month of May! Find a variety of items on sale this month including Y-Junctions and Magnitude semen booster! Orders must be placed on our website to receive the discount or called into our office and mention the featured item you would like to order. Please call our office with any questions.

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02-2009 SLIX 5oz


This non-spermicidal lubericant is now a thicker formula in a sleek 5 oz tube!

Slix lubricant has been specifically formulated to be sperm-friendly. It is water-soluble, colorless, odorless and stainless. Slix may also be used for related animal health examinations purposes that require a non-irritation lubricant.

Slix is now on special for $1.99 each at any quantity, please call today to place your order! 877-487-4872

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EquiPlus Ready-to-Use Semen Extender 200ml

This equine semen extender is a product of Minitube Germany and comes as a ready-to-use liquid with antibiotics in a 200ml concentrate. Antibiotics present include lincomycin and spectinomycin. Available at Reproduction Provisions for $17.00/bottle, please call us with questions!

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