Embryo Transfer Spotlight: Emsafe Flushing Filter

19010/6000 EmSafe 2013

This Minitube Germany product is used on both equine and bovine embryo collection. An integrated filter and petri dish with grid, this filter is available at Reproduction Provisions for $14.95. Call us today to order some for your operation! 877-487-4872

Reproduction Provisions


Bovine Spotlight: Rough A.V. Liner 26″


These liners are a product of Minitube Germany and have been flying off the shelves! They are a 26″ rough, large diamond liner with rolled ends, available at Reproduction Provisions for $21.50 each. Hurry and stock up now while we still have them! Call our office with questions or to place an order 877-487-4872.

Reproduction Provisions

Bovine Spotlight: Embryo Transfer Instrument w/ Disposable Tip

19250-0000N Stainless Steel ET Instrument, 19250-0991N

This Minitube product is a stainless steel instrument used for embryo transfer. Sold individually for $170.00 each. The plastic E.T. tips are sold seperatly and are sterile and come 100/box for $1.50 each. Place your order on http://www.reproductionprovisions.com

Merry Christmas!

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Bovine Spotlight: Andromed CSS 2-Step Extender

Andromed is available at Reprodction Provisions in a couple forms. This week we are highlighting Andromed CSS 2-Step. Steps can be used individually or together, antibiotic portion also available. Click the link below to see complete mixing instructions and uses for each step. Orders can be placed at http://www.reproductionprovisions.com!

Andromed – CSS 2 StepInstructions

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