Embryo Transfer Spotlight: Emsafe Flushing Filter

19010/6000 EmSafe 2013

This Minitube Germany product is used on both equine and bovine embryo collection. An integrated filter and petri dish with grid, this filter is available at Reproduction Provisions for $14.95. Call us today to order some for your operation! 877-487-4872

Reproduction Provisions


Equine Spotlight: Flexible Sylet used Insemination Pipette

17209-1065N Stylet, Flexible

These stylets are a product of Minitube and are to be used with the Minitube insemination pipettes. They are available in 65, 75, and 57 cm length and are also suitable for embryo transfer with the appropriate supplies. All are available for $64.50, please ask us about them!

Merry Christmas!

Reproduction Provisions

Cattle Spotlight: Embryo Transfer Sheaths w/Metal Tip and Side Ports

70-4330 E.T. Sheath with metal tip and side ports blue 5 per bag

Embryo transfer sheaths can be used with a shallow or deep embryo transfer gun. Sheaths are slit style designed for ‘O’ ring style guns, and are available in packs of 5 or individually wrapped packs of 5. Mention this post until next Tuesday and get a 5 pack for $9.95, call our office with any questions!

Reproduction Provisions