Equine Spotlight: Detergent, 30 gram Alternative to Equex STM

13560-0030 30g detergent

This Minitube Germany product is an alternative component for freezing media in stallion semen that comes in a 30 gram bottle and is also available for porcine semen. Reproduction Provisions sells this product for $24.00 each, please let us know if you are interested in purchasing today! Call our office or email to our new email address info@reproductionprovisions.com.


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Embryo Transfer Spotlight: Emsafe Flushing Filter

19010/6000 EmSafe 2013

This Minitube Germany product is used on both equine and bovine embryo collection. An integrated filter and petri dish with grid, this filter is available at Reproduction Provisions for $14.95. Call us today to order some for your operation! 877-487-4872

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EquiPlus Ready-to-Use Semen Extender 200ml

This equine semen extender is a product of Minitube Germany and comes as a ready-to-use liquid with antibiotics in a 200ml concentrate. Antibiotics present include lincomycin and spectinomycin. Available at Reproduction Provisions for $17.00/bottle, please call us with questions!

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Equine Spotlight: Missouri and Colorado Model Collection Kits

63-1001 Collection Kit CO Model clear liner bottle filter 5 per pack

Reproduction Provisions offers many variations of collection kits to fit your needs. Some of the options include, Missouri or Colorado model A.V., with filter, liner, and bottle. Available in single or 5 pack. Place orders at http://www.reproductionprovisions.com.

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Equine Spotlight: Exceed Lubricant


This non-spermicidal lubricant is pH balanced and maintains a balanced osmotic pressure. Available in 5 oz. flip top tubes for easy use and are $4.00/tube and come 24 per case. 1 case break at $3.80/each and 3 case break $3.60/each. Place orders on our website http://www.reproductionprovisions.com

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Equine Spotlight: EquiPlus Extender

EquiPlus equine semen extender is a product of Minitube International and comes in many forms. We have it available in a liquid and powder form, with or without antibiotics, and a single or two step. Prices on each of these varies, please see the list below and call our office with any quesitons or looking to place an order! Thanks!

13570/0201 – Antibiotic free, makes one liter

13570/0202 – With antibiotic, makes one liter

13570/0210 – Powder for 100ml, with antibiotic

13570/0240 – Powder for 100ml, without antibiotic

13570/0250 – Ready to use liquid, 200ml, with antibiotics

Other sizes and variations available!

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