A Minitube Germany product, this semen collection bag has a filter built into it with a peel-off seal for ease of use. These bags are sold by the 100 pack and are available now for $49.00 per pack. Please call us at 877-487-4872 or email us at to get more information and a product manual!


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Hello Everyone!

Check out our updated featured items page on our website! New items are listed to get your prepared for your operations needs, please call our office with questions!

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Equine Spotlight: Detergent, 30 gram Alternative to Equex STM

13560-0030 30g detergent

This Minitube Germany product is an alternative component for freezing media in stallion semen that comes in a 30 gram bottle and is also available for porcine semen. Reproduction Provisions sells this product for $24.00 each, please let us know if you are interested in purchasing today! Call our office or email to our new email address


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Minitube Germany Swine Extenders Exceed Expectations!

Dear Valued Customers,


Minitube Germany boar semen extenders are among the best in the world. We take pride in quality ingredients, solid research, and a strong background of reproductive technology. Pictured below is the reasons Minitube Germany extenders are of superb quality, on the cutting edge of research, and a little insight on what goes into making sure that the extenders are manufactured under specific protocols.  


Why are Minitube extenders safer-1

Why are Minitube extenders safer-2Please take a look at this link that takes you through the manufacturing facility in Germany!


If you have any questions about our extenders, please feel free to give John Quackenbush a call at the office at 877-487-4872 and he will give you a personalized quote on extender for your operation, we are always here to help! Talk with you soon! 


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Reproduction Provisions has created new pricing for our boar semen extenders! The pricing has taken effect on the long term and mid term extenders, new pricing is as follows:

Mid Term Extender

MIII: 1 Liter – $3.25

MIII: 3 Liter – $10.50

MIII: 83 Liter – $161.25

Long Term Extender-AndroStar

AndroStar: 1 Liter – $4.50

AndroStar: 3 Liter – $10.75

AndroStar: 100 Liter – $265.00

Long Term Extender-AndroHep

AndroHep: 1 Liter – $5.60

AndroHep: 3 Liter – $13.25

AndroHep: 100 Litter – $295.00

Please call our office with any questions about our extenders or to place an order! 877-487-4872

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EquiPlus Ready-to-Use Semen Extender 200ml

This equine semen extender is a product of Minitube Germany and comes as a ready-to-use liquid with antibiotics in a 200ml concentrate. Antibiotics present include lincomycin and spectinomycin. Available at Reproduction Provisions for $17.00/bottle, please call us with questions!

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Small Ruminant Spotlight: 7mm Trocar

Trocars are available at Reproduction Provisions for the laproscopic insemination of small ruminants. Our trocars come in from Minitube Germany and come in different sizes, we currently have (2) 7mm trocars in stock, other sizes will have a 4-5 week lead time. All come complete with sheath and valve. Call today to place your order or on our website

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